The New York City Subway 2015:
21 lines
469 stations
660 miles of track
4 carriers

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New York City was until recently one of the few global metropolises without comprehensive cell phone coverage in its subway

The Subspotting app provided information on the available cell phone service and WiFi signals along all 21 lines, 469 stations and 660 miles of track of the New York City Subway

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Whether AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon, the Subspotting app gives you a line-by-line overview of the available coverage along all 21 lines, 469 stations, and 660 miles of the subway.

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To supplement cell phone reception information, the Subspotting app also displays all WiFi-enabled stations along each line.

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To brighten your day (and cell phone reception), the Subspotting app clearly marks all overground stretches of each line in blue.

Data Updates: The Subspotting app provides a historical snapshot of cell phone reception in the New York City subway end of 2015.

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